Virgin Gorda, or "Fat Virgin," received its name from Christopher Columbus. The explorer envisioned the island as a pregnant woman in a languid recline, with Gorda Peak being her big belly and the boulders of The Baths her toes.

Natural beauty is in abundance on Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the Virgin Islands, which measures eight and a half square miles.  The highest point on Virgin Gorda at 1,370 ft. Gorda Peak is located on the northwestern ridge, south of North Sound and north of Soldier Bay.  

The centrepiece of this dramatic area on Virgin Gorda's north shore is The Baths, a geological wonder comprised of awe-inspiring granite boulders, which form sheltered sea pools on the beach's edge.

There's no escaping the blissfully slow pace that pervades every aspect of Virgin Gorda. It’s people embody the laid-back spirit of the Caribbean, with a casual charm and a friendliness all their own.