At less than 100 square kilometers in size and with a population of just 12,000, Nevis is intimately tiny and remarkably unspoiled. The smaller of the two Leeward Islands that comprise the federation of St Kitts & Nevis, Nevis has the kind of relaxed vibe and rustic charm you might picture when you think of the Caribbean.

Rich in the legacies of Horatio Nelson and Alexander Hamilton, Nevis is infused with a keen historical awareness and appreciation. The historic Sugar Plantations and Estates of Hamilton, Mount Travers, New River, Coconut Walk and Eden Brown tell the story of the importance of Nevis in the sugar trade in the late 17th Century.

This unhurried island whose uncrowded beaches fringe a forested interior that rises to the majestic Mt Nevis (3,182 ft) is famed for it’s charm and easy-going genuineness of its people.